Mistress of Misery
Poem of the day

Hating the person I’ve become

Heart filled with hate,

Cold as ice, a pain so numb.

Killing myself

From the inside out

Unable to configure,

My heart’s whereabouts.

Give me guidance,

Give me shelter,

Give me freedom,

Let me into your kingdom.

A longing for security,

And extinguishing inferiority.

Put my mind at ease,

For my soul I must appease.

Poem of the Day

Finding your way home

Through the foggy crossroads,

Clear as crystal waters,

From a soothing hot spring,

Ionized,  healing with simplicity.

Idling death and decay

With problematic illusions,

Vapor soothing charred skin,

As the morning dew,

Washes away damnation.

Poem of the Day

Holy shit!

I’ve been scared senseless,

By everything

And everyone,

The wrath of anxiety,

Murders the courage of the young.

Losing touch with reality,

Like a sailor,

Lost for days at sea.

Fearing life as the enemy,

Sharp is the double edged sword,

Carving wounds of pain and agony.

Fear creeps from the dark,

Like a silent shark,

Ready to attack,

Smelling the sanguine aroma of blood and flesh,

Silent killers- laying you to rest.

Poem of the Day

Segments of a holistic human centipede,

Coprorophagy by means of corporate greed.

Once a segment dies,

Another one grows.

A dysfunctional origin,

Beginning and end- nobody knows.

Entangled by twisted shackles,

As the robber grins and cackles.

Taking organs and lives from the innocent,

Priceless is the value of the ignorant.

Disposing us to suit their own need,

Bejeweling their most heinous deeds.

Dysfunctional myths of authority,

Abuse and misuse in the name of superiority.

Distant illusions such as trust,

Lost in time and space-turned to dust.


Poem of the Day

Smile at the prisoners,

For it’s the only love they’ll know.

Trudging along by the road in shackles,

Forced to freeze in the ice and  snow.

Society has no sympathy,

For hose who have had a dark past,

Yet everyone needs love,

To keep their hearts beating at last.

Not knowing what it’s like,

To be a prisoner in this body and mind,

The mentally sick have no concept of light,

Being spit at by the bias of mankind.

The anorexic hears distant jeers,

As hateful remarks echo through her ears.

The schizophrenic hides his tears,

And lets them fall into the glass of his beer.

Every man has a war.

Every woman hides her face,

When will we learn to love?

And stop polluting with shame and disgrace?

Poem of the Day

Life is the silver screen.

Some play the lead,

Some exist behind the scenes.

Become an idea,

Form an identity.

In every situation,

One must act accordingly.

Within this motion picture,

Every man has a tale.

Comedy or Tragedy,

In the end, good will prevail.

Which one are you?

A hero who is true?

A villain, thief,

Or simple harlequin?

Conflict and resolution,

Ends in absolution,

Adversity - perfect recipe,

For the blockbuster movie.

A life filled with

Horror and gore,

Should be treasured! for-

Fairy tales are a bore.

Poem of the Day

Leaving this pile of refuse

To rot in the dust,

Filling jaded hearts,

With utter disgust.

Anvils fall from the sky,

Cannot be seen

With the naked eye.

Heavy burdens

Behind curtains.

Of shadows and doubts

Knowing not of its whereabouts.

Fear of home,

Being left alone.

Doors locked at night,

Opening a portal to fright.

A man without a plan

Extends his hand.

Hoping this plague shall pass,

Craving freedom at last.

Buried under mountains of debt,

Life depending on every risky bet.

Running away till the rain

Soothes the past’s pain.

Poem of the Day

Rain falls,

God cries

Softening walls

Of alabaster lies.

Trees rejoice!

Floods will cleanse.

Tender Earth, so moist.

Roaring rivers bend.

Tears of joy,

Tears of sorrow.

Blessing the trout and coy,

Promising a better tomorrow.

But for those so secure,

In their comforts and needs,

A misery so obscure,

Rooted in bitter seeds.

And when the tides

Reach high above the pier,

Nature confides

In the almighty tear.

Poem of the Day

God loves the mentally insane,

For his love is all the same.

Saving the troubled from dying in vain.

Forming reality to make life simple and plain.

For every human has their own plight.

But not everyone has the courage to fight.

Jaws like a lion, we devour the truth.

Smiling until death, until we lose our last tooth.

Knowing what’s ahead

Letting go of fear and dread.

Choosing not to be a prisoner of the past

Making sure we find freedom at last!

Poem of the Day

Friends and good cheer,

Raising their beers,

Fear not, my dear!

For the weekend is here!

The hard labor is done at last.

For the week has now come to pass.

Lovers swoon in revelry,

The night lights twinkle so elegantly.

The hooligans will get their fair share,

As children play without a care.

The weekend invokes one’s inner child.

So that humanity has a chance to be wild!